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Promises We Break: A YA Contemporary Novel

Blue Valley Nights, #1

Synclaire's "deeply evocative" novel debut is a moving story of change, hope, and redemption following two autism families navigating difficult situations. An instant Kindle #1 new release!

Rogue: A Thriller Novella

The Genesis Files, #1

Teenage twins Harper and Joanna's mother's disappearance thrusts them into their estranged family's underground empire of danger, spies, and central intelligence. Will they survive the vendetta-driven enemies coming after their family?

About Us

We are an independent book publisher and manuscript service company with a goal of helping writers and authors from all backgrounds, and providing readers with stories that entertain, educate, and inspire them. We publish in hybrid and traditional models, and our authors enjoy many benefits that self-publishers would, such as some of the highest royalties in the indie industry and full rights plus ownership of their work. We also do consulting and services, no matter if you've published with us or are self-publishing on your own, such as editing, cover design, and interior formatting.

About Bonnie

Bonnie Synclaire is an award-winning author of the Blue Valley Nights realistic fiction series and The Genesis Files thrillers. Her short stories garnered several divisional titles, including one at the state level from Reflections Arts. She began publishing longer books at 16, her work appearing on the Kindle #1 New Release chart, Lulu Press, Littsburgh, the Tribune Review, Saturday Light Brigade Radio, and more. Her latest release, her full-length novel debut Promises We Break, is the recipient of a Recommended Read Award from the 2021 Reader Ready Awards.

*** Bonnie Synclaire & PROMISES WE BREAK are featured in Lulu Press's Support Black Authors / Black History Month page! Check it out. ***
*** Also, PWB received its first award! Check it out. ***
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Testimonials & Praise

[On PROMISES WE BREAK] “Bonnie Synclaire’s work at such a young age secures her place as one of the top breakout novelists of this generation."

PA Teachers Read

[Service testimonial] "...I was introduced to Bonnie Synclaire...this summer when I visited Pittsburgh...I was impressed with her unique ability not only to tell a beautiful story, but make the reader a part of it...I have been working on my own book, Caravan of Dreams, for over 3 years and until Bonnie became involved in my project, I was procrastinating abound. her engagement motivated me to work with her and finish my project. I attribute a great part of success of my book to Bonnie..."

[On PROMISES WE BREAK] “...As someone who hasn’t known many people with autism, this book was great for me to better understand their needs and what it’s like to have an autistic person in your family...this was a quick, enjoyable read, filled with themes of love, family, and change...”

Olivia Faye Scott, author of Wings

Ken Atri, National Library of Poetry Editor's Choice Award Recipient & Author x5

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