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We are an independent publisher providing hybrid and traditional models. We publish in a traditional manner but our authors still enjoy most benefits that self-publishers would, such as 100% royalties* and 100% ownership and control of their work. We also do consulting and services no matter if you've published with us or are self-publishing, such as editing, cover design, and interior print formatting.

*100% royalties and 100% control is included in the Hybrid Package only.


Our goal is to produce quality, industry-standard books that entertain, educate, and inspire, and to make our books affordable and available to as many readers of all ages. We also aim to give writers a great publishing experience that they simply cannot get with Big 5 traditional publishers.


Our titles are distributed by, one of the best and most trusted print-on-demand services in the U.S. All titles, whether digital or print, receive global distribution to major channels like Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble and smaller online stores like Books-A-Million and Indigo.

We currently have 3 imprints:

~ Synclaire Books - for ebooks between 18-25k that are too short for print

~ Black Ice Books - for anything myster/thriller, action, suspense

~ Healing Tree Books - for memoirs, inspirational fiction, literary fiction, realistic fiction


With the Hybrid and Traditional packages, your project will receive ongoing marketing on social media, in our newsletter, and virtual events and readings. Also, all titles published with the Traditional Package will be entered into at least one award contest, on us.

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