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We are officially launching as an LLC in Fall 2021 but are now accepting submissions and are open to all services. Our goal is to bring readers stories that inspire, entertain, and educate them, make our books accessible to everyone, and make our books affordable.


Bonnie Synclaire's stories have garnered several awards, including a state-level title from Reflections Arts. She began publishing at 16, her novellas and novels appearing on the Amazon #1 New Release and Bestseller charts and Lulu’s Top 100 list. She is the author of two Young Adult series: the Blue Valley Nights realistic fiction series, and The Genesis Files thrillers.


She is a member of the Littsburgh (Literary Pittsburgh) roster and has been featured in TribLive, Saturday Light Brigade Radio 2x, and more. Bonnie is currently a freshman Communication major in college with a minor in Professional Writing, where she serves as the social media manager for the school’s award-winning literary journal.

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